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Africa Update 2015 Edition

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2014 proved to be a challenging year for many countries in Africa. Negative political, economic and socioeconomic developments in certain parts of the continent impacted on our operations in those countries. Lack of resources, trying working conditions as well as inadequate IT systems continue to plague a number of African registries. Despite these challenges A&A managed to expand its African footprint with the establishment of associate offices in Nigeria and Ghana. Similarly, despite the trying conditions there were year on year increases in the number of trade mark and patent
fi lings in most African countries. A&A enjoyed stronger collaboration with associate offices and greater co-operation with regional IP organisations. The firm engaged closely with local Registries and continued to assist with legislative and procedural developments in several countries. Our strategy in 2015 will be to continue to engage with our local partners and do our best to positively influence the development of IP on the continent and to assist local registries in improving their systems and service levels.


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