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TUNISIA (May 2018)

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Published Date: May 30, 2018

Representatives from Adams & Adams, Simon Brown, Nicky Garnett and Dieter Welthagen travelled to Tunis  to visit our Associate Office, as well as the Institut National de la Normalisation et de la Propriete Industrielle (INNORPI) . We met with the Director General Ms Amel Ben Farhat and a number of registry officials including Mokhtar Hamdi, Director of Industrial Property , Nafaa Boutiti, Deputy Director of Industrial Property and Hasna Rezgui ep Chahdoura, Head of Service Bilateral Cooperation Foreign Relations Unit and  Nawel Zbidi Daghma Deputy Director , Service Bilateral Cooperation Foreign Relations Unit. We were given an introduction to the varied responsibilities of INNORPI and the recently launched Industrial Property Management Program . In terms of this program, INNORPI seeks to bridge the gap between research and intellectual property protection and several Technology Transfer offices as well as technoparks and technical centres have been opened in an effort to increase the awareness of the benefits of using the IP system as a business tool. INNORPI also has an IP Academy providing  training activities for local IP Professionals and users of the IP system. They have recently started conducting substantive search and examination of patent applications. It currently has limited capacity but aims to appoint 10 examiners  covering all technical fields in the near future

Dieter Welthagen
Partner | Patent Attorney
Nicky Garnett
Partner | Attorney
Simon Brown
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney

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