As the core offering within Adams.Africa Advisory, our specialised research and advisory services provide a wide range of options to help guide your Africa strategies. These services include (among others):

  • Landscape Assessments
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Risk Assessments
  • Partnership Identification and Facilitation
  • Due Diligence Investigations


The tailored advisory services available to Adams & Adams clients aim to ensure data-driven decision-making at all times, with research and intelligence that is customised to your specific requirements.

  • Landscape assessments to deepen your understanding of the markets and industries in which you work, covering topics such as economic growth potential, political climate, competitor research, key industry players, market size, relevant regulations and legislation and more.
  • Opportunity assessments to guide your decisions regarding new potential markets for expansion, expertly analysing key factors such as market attractiveness, competitor landscape, market potential and risk.
  • Risk assessments to identify potential risks to your business in selected markets, ranging from the risks posed by political and economic instability, to risks such as changing regulations, corruption, conflict, infrastructural inadequacies, health concerns, market saturation, etc.
  • Partnership identification and facilitation, utilising our large networks across the continent and across industries to link you with potential local partners to maximise your success in Africa, where a local footprint is imperative.
  • Due diligence investigations to ensure that you are fully-informed about your potential partners, service providers and clients in Africa.

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All of our research and advisory services are customised to meet our clients’ specific needs. Please contact us through the link below with information on how Adams.Africa Advisory can be of assistance!

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