Official fee increase in Angola

It has been confirmed that official fees relating to the filing and prosecution of trade marks, patents, design and utility models in Angola are set to increase. The Presidential Decree no. 62/20 authorising the increase was published in the Government Gazette of 4 March 2020. The new official fees will come into force on 20 March 2020.

One of the more noteworthy changes specifically relating to trade mark applications are that all fees (including filing, 1st and 2nd publication fees, as well as grant fees for the issuance of registration certificates) are to be paid upfront.

At this stage it is unclear how this will effect current applications (i.e. those filed up to 19 March 2020), specifically regarding the issuance of registration certificates and the payment of grant fees. These aspects are being clarified with the Registry and will be published as soon as the info is available.

For queries regarding this and other matters relating to Intellectual Property rights protection in Angola, please e-mail

Nelia Hickman
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Esmé van Rooyen
Associate | Trade mark Attorney
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