Kampala/ Kigali / Nairobi / Dar Es Salaam

Darren Olivier and Menzi Maboyi travelled to East Africa in September 2016. Other than to have one on one discussions with the Ugandan Registrar on a particular matter, the purpose of the trip was to visit our associated offices in the region to assess their ongoing capabilities and undertake a Due Diligence exercise on their operations. We also wanted to pay courtesy calls on the Registrars of each country to discuss Registry operations and any challenges we may be experiencing with the Registry.

UGANDA: Darren Olivier, A&A, (far right) with Jane Langoya, Dep Registrar (third from left), Fiona Bayiga, Director of IP (second from right) and Paul Asiimwe, A&A Associate Office (centre)

RWANDA: Darren Olivier and Menzi Maboyi, A&A, with Mr Blaise Ruhima, Division Manager of the IP Office (centre)

KENYA: L-R: Darren Olivier and Menzi Maboyi (A&A) with Mr Slyvance Sande, Managing Director, Kenyan Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), centre.

TANZANIA: Darren Olivier and Menzi Maboyi with Ms. Loy Mhando, Assistant Registrar, Business and Licensing Agency (BRELA) (third from left) and A&A Tanzania representatives

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