Adams & Adams also travelled to Egypt to visit our local partners and the IP Office. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen our ties within our existing North African Network and to ascertain, firsthand, the environment under which the Registry and our partners are operating. The visit was a great success and the gesture was well received by all. The Registry, comprising 44 employees with 20 trade marks examiners, continues to operate despite the trying circumstances and trade mark applications filed range between 1200 and 1300 per month. The Patents Registry is also fully operational.



Image 1: Menzi Maboyi (Adams & Adams) with Ms Mona Ahmed Zaki, Registrar and representatives from our partner firm. Image 2: Trade Marks Registry, Egypt. Image 3: Menzi with local representatives in Cairo. Image 4: Menzi with local representatives in Cairo. Images 5 & 6: Nile River, Cairo.

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