Africa Update 2020 – Lesotho

Anti-counterfeiting search and seizure operations

In February 2019, we travelled to and met with the Deputy Commissioner of Police – CID and his members with a view to obtaining their assistance in conducted various search and seizure operations in the Kingdom of Lesotho on behalf of various of our clients.

As a result of this meeting, three (3) targeted search and seizure operations were conducted in March, September and October in the Kingdom of Lesotho seizing in excess of 18000 units of various counterfeit goods.



  • River water resources are plentiful and water exports to South Africa are major revenue earners
  • The country’s rivers can also be harnessed for hydro-electricity production
  • Impressive mountainous topography offers potential for tourism growth


  • The population is poor, unskilled and impacted by HIV/AIDS
  • The country’s internal market is too small and natural resources too scarce to support a thriving economy
  • Governance is marred by perpetual scandals, military involvement through coup d’etats and election interference, and political violence


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