Africa Update 2020 – Sierra Leone

Trade Mark Prosecution: Update

The Registry is applying the provisions of the 2014 Act, although the date of the Act has not yet been made available.

As per our previous update, it is now possible to file for trade mark applications covering both goods and services. Under the previous Act, it was not possible to file for service marks; therefore, applicants may wish to file additional applications covering their services of interest.

The Act also makes provision for claiming priority rights under the Paris Convention and the filing of collective marks and well-known marks are now also recognised.

Marks are now registered for a period of 10 years from the date of filing.



  • Iron ore excavation has resumed and the mining sector leads the economy
  • Better governance is improving the business environment
  • Electricity supplies are improving


  • Food security awaits improvements in agriculture
  • Widespread poverty characterises the population
  • Sexual violence is so disruptive to society it was declared a national emergency in 2019


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