Are you altLAW?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve already got one of the characteristics that every law firm seeks when recruiting potential young lawyers. Nothing gets past you!

You’re about to apply for the E.V. Adams Scholarship. This is no ordinary scholarship – with offers of money to pay for your education. It’s the gateway to your career. Not only will you be known as an E.V. Adams Scholar, but you’ll potentially also have a fast-track to Articles with one of the most unique law firms in South Africa, and a hotline to some of the most dynamic professionals and mentors you could imagine.

So what are we looking for? The clue lies in our slogan for our current altLAW campaign: Be Cunning, Be Fierce, Be Zealous, Be Savant! Our current Rhodes University E.V. Adams Scholar, Gift Baloyi, reckons she’s especially zealous and savant. We agree!

So what does it mean to be Cunning, Fierce, Zealous and Savant? And why did we use those words? Could they describe you? If they do, then tell us why you think so. In your application, you’ll have an opportunity to upload a motivation letter. Tell us what makes you cunning, fierce, zealous or savant.