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Nourishing Those In Need

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The Covid-19 crisis, and the measures to curb the virus, have unfortunately left many disadvantaged and vulnerable people without the means to feed themselves. Responding to this need, Adams & Adams was approached by Arrow for Change, a relief scheme established by Arrowhead Properties, to be involved in providing essential meal parcels to under-resourced communities in Cape Town.

The meal kits are packaged by volunteers for Rise Against Hunger (RAH), a non-profit organisation that co-ordinates the distribution of food and other life-saving aid worldwide. The packs comprise rice, soya, dehydrated vegetable mix and a fortification pack of 23 essential minerals and vitamins specifically formulated to combat malnutrition. Providing more than just nutritious food, the meals support children’s attendance at school, incentivise adults to learn a new trade, and strengthen the sick and elderly, to bring about positive change in each of their lives.

On 24 February 2021 representatives from our Cape Town office were able to join Arrow for Change and RAH at Access Park for the handover of the meal parcels to several non-profit organisations. These included Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU), Jabulani Community Organisation, Adonis Musati Project, and Oasis Association, which collectively provide support to women, children, senior citizens and those living with disabilities in local communities.

Strongly committed to being a socially responsible business, Adams & Adams is proud to partner in this initiative, which plays an important role in the fight against poverty and hunger in South Africa.


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