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Kipanga Watch Service


The first-of-its kind for Africa, KIPANGA™ provides pro-active, intelligent and screened information to assist brand owners in protecting their trade marks and securing their ability to trade in these jurisdictions.


In Africa, where many jurisdictions are first-to-file and brand filching is common, KIPANGA™ is a must-have tool in protecting your brands from third parties attempting to register similar marks in your space.


KIPANGA™ will reduce your inbox clutter, as well as in-house time spent screening and assessing potentially conflicting marks, while ensuring that your marks are properly protected in sometimes-challenging jurisdictions.


IKIPANGA™ covers all states where journals are published and where Madrid Protocol applications designate African countries. Where specifications of potentially conflicting marks are not published in English, translations are provided on request at no extra charge.


Your KIPANGA™ report is tailored to your needs and can be sent weekly or fortnightly. Choose to be notified only of marks that are considered medium or high risk, or all marks uncovered by the watch. Customise by class as well.


Watch notices are screened by an attorney who is familiar with your trade mark portfolio and who has specific experience in trade mark oppositions in Africa, so you only see marks of potential concern.

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We have offices in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, please contact your nearest office for any legal enquiry or assistance.

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