Dear Colleagues,

Over the past few years, the CPL Department has demonstrated impressive growth in its reputation, practice areas, fee turnover and staff complement, while contributing positively to the success of the firm. Sustaining this into the future, for the good of the Department and all who are part of it, requires strategic planning and a unity of purpose.

As such, the CPL partners embarked on an introspective process over the past year, to clarify the Department’s strategy and to define its core purpose, i.e. the reason why CPL exists. The next step is to identify and define the values that will be required not only to support the Department’s strategy, but also to achieve its newly formulated purpose.

The CPL partners would value your input and hereby invite you to an exciting and interactive session to co-create the CPL values, which will take the form of an engaging full day workshop, facilitated by Michael Greyling of Grow Consulting on 28 July 2017.

The creation of the values, and success of the entire process, will be significantly increased if all members of the Department participate, and our hope and intention is to have each and every one of you present during the workshop. It is for this reason that we are sending out this invite early, for you to clear your diaries for the day.

We have little doubt that the day will be successful and intend celebrating at the end of it with drinks and snacks on the 3rd floor balcony.

The CPL partners hope that you will appreciate the importance of this process, and the role you can play in shaping the future of the CPL Department and promoting its success. We therefore request that you RSVP to confirm your attendance to what will be a fulfilling and rewarding event.


Grégor Wolter