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Crammer 2022

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Crammer™ 2022

How businesses can renew, reinvent, and refresh their approach to legal matters, with an increased focus on relooking at business approaches and seeking new opportunities.

Adams & Adams hosted its annual Crammer™ event on 25 October 2022. This year, over 200 attendees from various sectors joined in person at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton, or via a livestream, to share in key learnings and insights from the profession in the past year. The event’s focus was to strengthen the legal outlook of both clients and prospect clients going into 2023.

Top highlights from the event included inspiring addresses by guest keynote speakers, including Loop’s founder Kimberley Taylor, who kick-started the morning by sharing the story behind the adaptable, intuitive delivery management platform. After identifying the various obstacles businesses face within the delivery space, she created a route optimisation algorithm to help them be as effective as possible. She emphasised that it is crucial to remain curious and continuously investigate the environment within which businesses operate, to identify potential opportunities for innovation or growth.

Stephen Key, an award-winning inventor, and renowned intellectual property strategist, shared insights on how individuals and businesses can make their ideas work for them. When he and his partner Andrew Krauss created the company InventRight, they focused on building a platform that encourages individuals to share their creativity with the world while still adequately protecting their ideas. Through his unique process of harnessing the power of open innovation and his tailored licensing business model, Key highlighted the importance of utilising Intellectual Property (IP) as a tool to ensure an idea’s success.

Talks from Adams & Adams internal speakers covered some of the key legal cases from the past year, as well as relevant topics, such as ‘Who owns the copyright to your house?’, ‘The interplay between IP rights and the Metaverse’, ‘The effect of environmental sustainability on stakeholders’, and ‘Intellectual property laws and regulations relevant to Cannabis in South Africa’.

“Our annual Crammer event provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the developments in the legal field over the past year and engage in meaningful conversations with our clients on how these developments may affect their business outlook for the upcoming year. It was wonderful to bring together so many people, both in-person and virtually, who are interested in delving deeper into the areas of Trade Marks, Patents, and Corporate Commercial Law, and inspire them on how to renew, reinvent, and refresh their approach to legal matters in the business space,” says Darren Olivier, partner at Adams & Adams.

Why focus on renew, reinvent and refresh?

Covid has had a lasting impact on businesses, with many still trying to emerge from tough Covid times. This has led to an increased focus on reinventing business approaches and seeking new opportunities. At this year’s Crammer™ we will look at some of the key legal learnings, insights, and knowledge gained throughout the past year and how businesses can renew, reinvent, and refresh their approach to legal matters.

What is Crammer™?

Through this event we aim to place greater emphasis on identifying and distilling key learnings for you and integrating them into learnings you can take with you into 2023. We recognise that the presentations are but a catalyst for learning that will happen through interaction with the audience both on the day and afterwards. This is not intended to be a series of webinars but an integrated learning experience.

Why should you attend?

Crammer™ is aimed at enabling you to harness the key learnings from this year and strengthen your legal outlook going into 2023. Not only will you gain critical insights, but you will also have the opportunity to engage in key conversations with experts in their fields and continue these topical discussions in the weeks to come.

Who should attend?

This conference is a critical free resource for anyone involved in the legal field, including but not limited to:

  • Inhouse legal counsel
  • Executives primarily responsible for legal issues
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Instructing lawyers or paralegals