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Africa Update 2020 – Egypt

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Published Date: September 1, 2020

Egyptian Trade Mark Office Fee Increase on Hold

Official fee increases which were tabled in the ministerial decree No.179 dated 4 September 2019, were supposed to come into effect on 5 September 2019. However, this increase has not yet been effected and remains on hold.

Associate Office hosts INTA Anti-Counterfeiting Workshop

INTA Anti-counterfeiting Workshop In June 2019, our Associate Office in Egypt, hosted an INTA anti-counterfeiting enforcement workshop. Organised by INTA, the theme of the workshop was ‘Anti-counterfeiting: Enforcement & Coordination’, and formed part of a series of dialogues and meetings with key stakeholders in various African countries.

The workshop attracted government officials, private sector representatives, and local attorneys. Participants included representatives, from the Egyptian Customs Office, the Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Areas of co-operation in efforts to stop counterfeits and illicit trade in Egypt were highlighted and discussed at the meeting.



  • Egypt is strategically positioned between Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Africa, with the Suez Canal a gateway between West and East
  • Tourism continues to be an economic mainstay, with a lar ge majority of international tourists to Africa choosing Egypt to visit
  • An improving economy is being led by communication and electronics technologies


  • The Sisi administration’s authoritarian actions are setting back democracy
  • Islamic militants continue warfare in the Sinai
  • Terrorists mount fatal attacks on the country’s military and Christian churches

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