Adams & Adams is the firm that equips you with the skills to meet the demands of being a successful legal practitioner. A candidate attorney at Adams & Adams is given an opportunity to tap into the 1200 years of experience of our partners and legal resources the firm has built up and acquired since it was established in 1908. Practical Vocational Training is an intensive training programme therefore we set aside our best resources to enable the CAs to thrive. Our Graduate Recruitment Committee comprises of 12 partners, our Senior Human Resources Manager, and the Professional Development Manager. Only the top candidates selected by the committee make it to our recruitment programmes.

Service Excellence

Since its beginnings, Adams & Adams has focused on maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of professional practice.

The partners are committed to exceptional client care and the highest levels of service excellence.

Adams & Adams is consistently shortlisted and acknowledged by leading global industry bodies and publications that recognise excellence in global legal practice.

Integrity & Transformation

Adams & Adams is dedicated to ethical conduct and integrity in all its relationships with clients, colleagues, and authorities, while striving to achieve job satisfaction and optimal work-life balance for its staff.

We have a diverse workforce and have a special emphasis on transformation, skills transfer, and the empowerment of our employees. We actively participate in corporate social responsibility programmes to uplift the disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Work Life Balance

We are sensitive to issues that are important to our staff and are continuously exploring ways to benefit our employees.

In striving to achieve job satisfaction and optimal work-life balance, the firm offers a range of sporting and social programmes and employees are encouraged to participate in these activities. A healthy competitive spirit has developed between partners and staff over the years.

practical vocational training

We actively look to recruit future partners and the skills that we offer help build independent thinkers who can identify and confidently embrace opportunities for career advancement.

start your application

We accept applications from BA Law, BCom Law, and LLB students. To apply you must have completed the first year of LLB or second year of BA Law or BCom Law undergraduate degree.

selection process

Our selection process covers all aspects of early career development, including our scholarship, vacation work and the CA programme. Find out how it all fits together.

frequently asked

Our recruitment committee has compiled and answered a list of common questions from prospective candidates, covering work rotations, firm culture, vacation work and bursary offerings.

Meet our Graduate Recruitment Team

Zola Williams
Manager | Professional Development

Buti Maseko
Senior Manager | Human Resources

Jani Cronje
Partner | Trade Mark Litigation

Nicolette Biggar
Partner | Trade Mark Prosecution

Andrew Molver
Partner | Commercial, Litigation & Property

Hear From Our Experts

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