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Africa Day 2020

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Published Date: December 3, 2021

Standing with the world in solidarity and supporting Africa in unity, through this challenging period in our history.

May is recognised as Africa month, in commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (now known as the African Union) 57 years ago, when African countries pioneered the focus on continental unity. Annually crowned as Africa Day, 25 May celebrates the sitting of the first conference in 1963 and honours the collaboration of member states in their joint efforts toward a common African unity and identity.

As one of our continent’s greatest supporters, Adams & Adams will continue to champion a prosperous and healthy Africa, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development. Most notably, we salute the multitude of selfless contributions made during Covid-19, towards the safeguarding of the continent and the upliftment of its people. In response to the prevailing pandemic, the continent’s resolve to act in support of its member states will be critically tested. As one of Africa’s largest law firms, Adams & Adams will continue to lead the charge in enabling our clients to navigate the unique challenges they face amidst a global economic environment, as well as continuing our support of Africa’s progress as a united and prosperous continent.

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