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Published Date: August 17, 2016

Facebook has announced its sponsorship of the Loeries Student Awards, celebrating the achievements of the next generation of creative professionals who will define creativity in a mobile-first world, and supporting the Adams & Adams Student Portfolio Day.

“Our sponsorship for 2016 is an opportunity to celebrate the young professionals who are telling rich, creative brand stories using our platforms. We believe creativity unlocks the power of technology and young people in the creative community especially are at an exciting place to craft beautiful and relevant work. Young creatives can play an important role in solving bigger problems by building or creating for mobile as more people become connected,” says Rob Newlan, head of Facebook Creative Shop EMEA.

“The Loeries Awards are about celebrating great ideas and increasingly the Facebook platform is a canvas to bring great ideas to life and share it with millions of people. We want to support the young talent that is redefining the rules of creativity by exploiting mobile, the most important medium of the generation. In South Africa alone, Facebook has more than 14 million active users, 90% of them on mobile,” adds Nunu Ntshingila, head of Facebook, Africa.

On 19 August, Facebook will support the Adams and Adams Student Portfolio Day, giving students the tools to build online creative portfolios, and promoting these to the industry using Facebook Canvas Ads. The Student Portfolio Day has become an important part of the Loeries Creative Week.

“It has become incredibly hard to distinguish oneself in the creative world. The Student Portfolio Day has become a forum for displaying fresh ideas, landing a job and staying in demand in today’s creative business environment. Choosing the right way to develop one’s talent is crucial, and too often young people are left with no support to develop their potential,” says Mariëtte du Plessis, senior partner, at Adams & Adams.  “It is always fantastic to be part of an initiative that sets out to nurture talented young creatives, and to be partnering with Facebook in this way.”


Besides helping to promote the apprentice talent, the firm’s involvement is also concerned with educating students on the importance of protecting their intellectual property as they prepare to enter the market.

Du Plessis adds that as a nurturer and protector of the intellectual property of local creative works for over 100 years, the firm is a perfect fit with the world of the creative.  “Apart from showcasing their work, it imperative that students are also empowered by providing them with the necessary tools to prevent the devaluation of, and under-appreciation of, the commercial value of their work.   Only once they have embraced this concept do they realise that the protection of their endeavours is vital to their financial success.”

“Whether it’s copyright, design, patent, or trade marks – we believe these should be concepts which form part of the lexicon of the new generation of creatives.  We encourage anyone in need of assistance with protecting their work, to give us a call, drop us an email or just tweet us,” she adds.

Adams & Adams is the exclusive legal advisor to the Loeries, as well as being the sponsor of the Young Creatives Award.

For more on the Facebook events and sponsorship, click here (Courtesy BizCommunity)

Mariette du Plessis

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