The Kenyan Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) recently had to consider the effect of a party requesting an extension to file its evidence some fifteen days after the deadline to do so had already expired.

The matter involved an application for the trade mark KINGSTONE in the name of Sichuan Yuanxing Rubber Co. Ltd (“the Applicant”) and an opposition by Bridgestone Corporation (“the Opponent”). The Applicant failed to file its statutory declaration within the prescribed period and, fifteen days after the missed deadline, filed an application for an extension of time to do so. The Opponent had already, by that time, applied for the KINGSTONE application to be abandoned.

The issue for determination was whether the Registrar of Trade Marks should exercise its discretion in terms of Section 102(6) of the Kenyan Trade Marks Act in favour of the Applicant. Section 102(6) allows the Registrar to extend the time for performing any act under the Trade Marks Rules even if that time period has already expired. The Applicant alleged that its failure to timeously request an extension to file its statutory declaration was due to an oversight on the part of its legal counsel, the effect of which should not be visited on the Applicant. The Registrar granted the extension, reasoning that fifteen days was not an inordinate delay and taking into account that the Opponent would not be prejudiced and that the interests of justice dictated that the matter should be heard on its merits.

Kelly Thompson
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Kim Rampersadh
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
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