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Africa Update 2020 – Ghana

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Published Date: September 14, 2020

Registry Visit

In November 2019, Adams & Adams partner, Stephen Hollis, and Africa Practice Manager, Menzi Maboyi,) travelled to Accra to visit our Associate Office, as well as the Ghana Registry. They met with the Assistant Registrar, Mr. Know Sessa Acquaye, to discuss Registry operations and outstanding matters. Mr. Acquaye provided an update on a number of challenges facing the Registry, and how they are planning to address them. For example, the engagement of more Legal Officers to help deal with the backlog of cases.

Anti-counterfeiting training

In January 2019, Adams & Adams was invited to participate in and provide anti-counterfeit training by the World Customs Organisation as its National IPR Workshop hosted in Accra, Ghana.

The National IPR Workshop was well attended by a number of Ghanaian Customs officials and a great deal of interest was expressed by these officials for further training and co-operation with Brand Holders.



  • Ghana’s entry into oil production has helped diversify the economy
  • The population enjoys good social services like health and education
  • Agriculture is a key sector whose production is marketed through good international trade links


  • Government is involved in an offshore territorial dispute with Gabon centred on valuable oil reserves
  • Poor city planning is the root of town woes, with some township slums scarcely inhabitable
  • Youth unemployment, a result of widespread poverty, is leading to crime and a host of social problem
Stephen Hollis
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney

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