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Africa Update 2020 – Uganda

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Published Date: November 10, 2020

Registry Visit

In December 2019, Adams & Adams Partner, Nishan Singh, attended a mediation hearing for a trade mark infringement matter filed at the Commercial Court in Kampala. He was accompanied by representatives from our associated firm. After the hearing, Singh visited the Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), and met with the Manager of IP, Mr. Gilbert Agaba, to discuss Registry operations and outstanding matters.



  • New oil deposits can start energy industry development
  • Uganda has a well-developed, sound and well-regulated banking system which compares favourably with other developing countries in the world.
  • Productive agricultural land is being targeted by government for sustainable commercial farming


  • President Museveni’s long hold on power is retained at the expense of political and speech freedoms
  • Government corruption a problem for investors
  • Inadequate electricity supply is hindering national development
Nishan Singh
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney | Chairperson : Trade Mark Litigation

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