The Anti-Counterfeit Agency in Kenya has recently won several significant battles in the war against counterfeiting.

According to recent reports, the Anti Counterfeit Agency (ACA) in Kenya has seized around USD 9 million worth of goods over the last five years, with goods to the value of about USD 5 million being destroyed in concluded cases.

The ACA is recognised as the coordinating agency in the enforcement of intellectual property protection in Kenya.

Among the goods most frequently counterfeited are alcoholic beverages, drugs and medicines, cosmetics, soaps and detergents and hair products.

The success of the ACA has been attributed to the large number of its trained officers and their involvement in the criminal justice system. In addition, the ACA credits its success to collaboration with other intellectual property practitioners such as Adams & Adams, and the stringent legal principles which are also entrenched in the country’s constitution. A&A Partner, Charl Potgieter, conducts regular anti-counterfeiting and product identification training sessions with members of the agency in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Counterfeiting is punishable in Kenya by a fine or imprisonment and the severity of the penalty imposed is commensurate to the crime committed.

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