The Kenyan Intellectual Property Institute recently registered the mark TAITA BASKET as a collective mark. A collective mark is a mark capable of distinguishing, in the course of trade, the goods or services of persons who are members of an association, from goods or services of persons who are not members of such an association.

The sisal Taita baskets which are produced in Kenya’s Taita Taveta County are made according to traditional art by local women who have passed down the age-old skill of basket weaving through the generations.

WIPO recently embarked on a training initiative for basket weavers in the many villages in the Taita Taveta County with a view to standardising the production and therefore the quality of the TAITA BASKETS.

Image Courtesy WIPO

The outcome of this project resulted in the formation of the Taita Baskets Association and the registration of a collective mark.

Intellectual Property registration, in this instance, has not only allowed the Taita Baskets Association to gain customer confidence and recognition in Kenya and abroad, it has also allowed a traditionally vulnerable group of people in the society to come together, commercialise their indigenous knowledge and become formidable players in their industry.

Kelly Thompson
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Kim Rampersadh
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
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