Kenya’s Copyright (Amendment) Bill of 2017 recently came before its National Assembly.  The Bill proposes various amendments to the Copyright Act, 2001 and, once enacted, will be known as the Copyright (Amendment) Act 2017.

The Bill proposes amendments to, inter alia, the definition of a copyright author, a copyright work, the functions of the Kenyan Copyright Board and the exclusive rights of a copyright owner. It also envisages changes to the defence of fair dealing, particularly in relation to computer programs.

But perhaps the most newsworthy amendments are those relating to collecting societies as they are known under the current Act. Once the Bill is enacted, Collecting Societies will officially be known as Collective Management Organisations. The role of these organisations will include the collection and distribution of royalties. The Bill also envisages stricter control being exercised in relation to the collection and management of royalties.

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