On 19 September 2017, The Council of Ministers of Mozambique approved a resolution for Mozambique to accede to the Banjul Protocol.  The Banjul Protocol on Trade Marks provides for the filing of a single trade mark application at the ARIPO Office (African Regional Industrial Property Organization), which will cover any member state designated by the applicant.  The Protocol originally came into force on 6 March 1997.

While Mozambique was one of the founding members of ARIPO, it has yet to accede to the Banjul Protocol. The next step is the deposit of the instruments of accession with the Director General of ARIPO but there isn’t any certainty as to when this will take place. Once the instruments are deposited, the Banjul Protocol will become effective in Mozambique after a 3 month grace period.

On the same day, The Council of Ministers of Mozambique also approved a resolution ratifying Mozambique’s accession to the Vienna Agreement of 1973 Establishing an International Classification of the Figurative Elements of Marks.

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