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Patent Filing Cost Estimate for Foreign Clients

Get an automatic patent filing Cost Estimate with Africa’s leading IP Law Firm

If you are in need of a filing cost estimate for a patent application, get an online quote from Africa’s leading IP law firm by completing the form below. Adams & Adams provides you with price estimates for filing patent applications in South Africa and all other major African regions, including Nigeria and regional organisations such as ARIPO, OAPI. To find out more about the different patent protection provisions and services available to you in jurisdictions across Africa, please see our interactive Africa map.

Certain regions in Africa require excess claim fees as well as other surcharges and renewal fees may also be required, and would be payable upon filing a patent application or for pending patent applications. The patent filing cost estimate that you get from filling in our form caters for the various extra fees that may be necessary for a patent application in the specified region. For your convenience, our patent application quotation tool also provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of the charges for the various applicable regions in Africa. These costs include professional fees, official fees, renewal fees (if applicable) and surcharges.

With our patent application quoting form you can also select the type of application you require. The most common application type is a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) national phase application, however this form also caters for convention applications, amongst others. Certain application types may not be relevant to all regions in Africa; it is therefore essential to get a patent cost estimate based on your specifications.

The Intellectual Property team at Adams & Adams offers clients a full range of legal services relating to the acquisition, enforcement and commercialisation of patent rights – including the counsel and handling of transactions in cases which involve patent portfolios. The partners and associates in our Intellectual Property team also litigate these issues in courts across Africa.

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