Recently we reported that the office of the Chief Registrar of the Republic of South Sudan had confirmed that the registration of trade marks had been suspended until appropriate legislation had been enacted, but advised that reservation of trade marks would be possible through the Business Registry in the interim, with the trade mark application process to be finalised once the Intellectual Property Laws had been passed into parliament.

However, as of yet, no legislation has been passed regulating the reservation process and conflicting information is being provided by the Ministry of Business and the Acting Chief Registrar. Thus, whilst trade mark reservation may be possible in the future, it is not currently lawful.

We will continue to engage with the Registry regarding the situation in South Sudan and keep our clients apprised of any and all developments. For further updates, information and queries on copyright law, trade marks, patent and design filings in South Sudan and across Africa, please contact

Nishi Chetty
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Udi Pillay
Senior Associate | Attorney
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