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A ‘Triple Distilled’ Summary of recent Trade Mark SCA Cases

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Published Date: December 10, 2018

In the past twelve months, South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal has handed down four judgments concerning trade marks. Adams & Adams Partner and Chairman, Gérard du Plessis, provided insight into the repercussions of those outcomes for trade mark owners at this year’s Crammer™ event. Watch the video presentation, along with other interesting discussions below.

Crammer is an annual Adams & Adams event that has been running for a decade. Its aim is to digest legal developments and issues of the year into a morning’s session by providing short, sharp insights with practical tips, and is designed for busy inhouse legal practitioners, executives, C-suites, and managers.

This year the general theme is based around the concept of RE.VISION – a review and future looking event analysing trends such as blockchain, AI, disruption and the law. Tech guru, author and broadcaster, Simon Dingle, opened this year’s event with an enthralling look at the origins and dynamics of cryptocurrency, debunking myths surrounding Bitcoin and blockchains, and an outline of what the new era of money means for individuals and for business.

This was followed by an compelling panel discussion exploring current insights on the effect of technology and changing consumer dynamics in the provision of legal services – with interesting perspectives from industry, technology experts, and legal service providers.“Recent SCA Trade Mark Rulings.”

The full breakaway presentation by Adams & Adams Partner and Chairman, Gérard du Plessis – South Africa’s Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney of the Year 2018. Gérard gives us his ‘Triple Distilled’ summary of recent judgments in trade mark matters before the Supreme Court of Appeal.

We’re talking about money, baby!”

How has the decentralised-network nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin changed the rules of economies and transactions.

Watch excerpts from the address by FinTech expert, SImon Dingle, at Crammer 2018, hosted in Sandton by Adams & Adams.

Identifying the future lawyer.”

Excerpts from the discussion with Former Global Head of IP at The Coca-Cola Company, Danise van Vuuren, moderator and A&A Partner, Darren Olivier; Helen Burt (Former Head of Legal at Tyme and IP Counsel at Barclays Bank), Daren Mudaly (Chief Data Architect & Engineer and Co-Founder of Pepper Potts), and Andre Visser (Partner at A&A).

Privacy Laws and Direct Marketing.”

The full breakaway presentation by Adams & Adams Partners, Jenny Pienaar and Dr. Danie Strachan. How are regulations such as GDPR (Europe) and South Africa’s iminent POPI Act changing the way direct marketers access and utlilise your data?

“Getting High on IP Rights.”

The full breakaway presentation by Adams & Adams Partner, Alicia Kabini and Senior Associate Kareema Shaik. The Constitutional Court recently ruled that the private cultivation and use of cannabis is permissible. If commercial production and retail becomes legal, what are the IP and trade mark considerations for marijuana products

“Rapid Prototyping, the IP Conundrum.”

The full breakaway presentation by Adams & Adams Partner, Werina Griffiths. Rapid prototyping and 3D printing are the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s answer to alternative manufacturing process. What legal challenges is additive manufacturing presenting for intellectual property laws? 

The Crammer event has grown into the most popular intellectual property event in South Africa offered by a law firm and now incorporates general legal topics. Breakout sessions included a variety of relevant and interesting topics such as blockchain, the legalisation of marijuana, corporate forensics, privacy laws, direct marketing, artificial intelligence, labour law and recent trade mark litigation matters at the SCA.

The 2018 edition of Crammer was closed out by a panel discussion led by A&A Associate, Nic Rosslee, exploring best practices for incentivising, nurturing, managing and commercialising innovation within businesses, and the risks of not doing so, from a legal perspective Institutional Intrepreneurship?”

Excerpts from the panel discussion led by A&A Associate, Nicholas Rosslee. The panel included FORT’s Shukri Toefy, Uber Eats’ David Mitchell, Stuart van der Veen of Nedbank CIB, and A&A Partner, Jac Marais.

Werina Griffiths
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Jenny Pienaar
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Jac Marais
Partner | Commercial Attorney
Gérard du Plessis
Darren Olivier
Danie Strachan
Alicia Kabini
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Kareema Shaik
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney

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