The Global Advertising Lawyers Association (GALA) reports in its latest Gazette that the relaunched and rebranded Advertising Standards Authority of Zimbabwe (ASAZIM) is slowly gaining momentum in its task to protect consumers, ensure fair play between competitors and make sure that the advertising profession is not brought into disrepute in Zimbabwe. The ASA was relaunched as ASAZIM in March of 2017 and has already considered a number of complaints and disputes.

The Advertising Standards Authority of Zimbabwe is an independent body that works in conjunction with Zimbabwe Association of Accredited Practitioners in Advertising (ZAAPA), the Marketers Association Zimbabwe (MAZ), and the Advertising Media Association (ADMA). It aims to provide a prompt, accessible and cost-efficient mechanism to ensure advertising is legal, decent, honest and truthful.

The Code of Advertising Practice is ASAZIM’s guiding document. It is based on the International Code of Advertising Practice, prepared by the International Chamber of Commerce and accepted worldwide as the basis for domestic systems of self-regulation. ASAZIM’s Code has been specifically tailored to the Zimbabwean marketplace. It was drawn up by representatives of the local marketing and communication industries, and is amended from time to time to meet the changing needs of the industry and society.

Writing for GALA, Brenda Kahari reports that since its re-launch ASAZIM has already considered a few disputes and complaints, including a dispute between PPC Cement and Lafarge where it was found that a Lafarge advert contravened the ASA Code of Standards by giving unsubstantiated facts. Complaints that are filed with ASAZIM are heard by an Executive Sub-committee set up to consider and hear disputes and the decision of the Sub-committee is communicated within 5 working days of the hearing. You can read the GALA article here.

Jenny Pienaar
Partner | Trade mark Attorney
Kelly Thompson
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
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