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Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Attorneys

Divorce knocking on your family door?

Divorce is never easy, but children are the ones most affected.

Examining all family matters and relationships, such as divorce, child custody, and the best interests of the child, often means you need a legal expert on hand.

Remember, a child’s best interests is a constitutional right and paramount during divorce.

Don’t let divorce pull your family unit apart. Protect and fight for your rights and those of your children with the Adams & Adams family law team who have extensive experience in dealing with all family and matrimonial matters.

Adams & Adams Divorce Services:

  • Assistance in reaching amicable settlements through negotiation and support
  • Rule 43 applications for interim relief
  • Mediation in family law disputes
  • Divorces, divorce mediation and divorce negotiation
  • Enforcement of orders relating to family law matters
  • Parental responsibilities and rights including guardianship, care and contact
  • Children’s rights

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