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Administrative & Constitutional

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Administrative & Constitutional Law

We have a team of professionals with specific expertise and experience in both administrative and constitutional law, and service clients within both the public and private sectors in this regard.

Adams & Adams Administrative & Constitutional Services

  • Reviews of administrative decisions of various types (including tender awards, regulatory decisions and other exercises of public power)
  • Launching urgent applications to compel or prohibit administrative action of various types
  • Instituting damages actions in respect of losses arising from unfair administrative action
  • Challenging policy or other legislative decisions taken outside the scope of an administrator’s powers
  • Enforcing and protecting various types of constitutional rights
  • Procuring information in terms of the Access to Information Act
  • Requests for reasons under, and ensuring compliance with, the
  • Promotion of Administrative Justice Act
  • Constitutional and Human Rights Litigation
  • Expropriations and land claims
  • Public procurement and public private partnerships (PPPs)
  • Tender preparation and adjudication
  • Regulatory compliance

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