On Wednesday, 21 June, Adams & Adams had the privilege of helping a student, Lisa Maloyi to complete her studies at Damelin so that she can achieve her dream of working in IT and supporting her family. Dave Forbes, the firm’s COO, shared the good news with Lisa on Jacaranda FM’s Complimentary Breakfast Show.

Yonelisa (Lisa) is a young, single mother. However, she didn’t become a mother by choice. Yonelisa is one of too many young South African girls who have been violated by rape. At the tender age of 13, she fell pregnant after a rape attack by a neighbour. Yonelisa had her baby and with the help of her mother, Portia and went back to school. Portia, a single mother of three, works part time as a domestic helper and does what she can for her family.

With Portia’s support and encouragement, she finished her matric. Lisa got a first year bursary to study IT at Damelin college – an opportunity she made the very best of. Portia’s employer helped with her tuition fees for the second year and also raised R10 000 for her third year. Half way into her final year, she however has to come up with another R28 000. That’s all that stands between her and a chance at employment as an IT-professional, that would give her entire family a better chance in life.

Adams & Adams will pay the remaining R28 000 in tuition fees to enable Lisa to complete her third and final year of IT studies at Damelin. The law firm has also offered Lisa an interview for an internship at their head office in Pretoria once she has completed her course.

Our thanks goes to the Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angels for allowing us to be a part of their fantastic goodwill programme.

Gérard du Plessis
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
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