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As always some great and valuable advice, specifically in the US and Asian markets, which are new priority markets for #wine.

#WineLandSem @DaveDuarte tells the story of how #everydropcounts turned 100 marathons in 100 days into 100 marathons being run in a single day...
Innovation means asking 1) How does this makes things better? 2) Who can help? #CONNECT


For a 3rd world country, 97% of South Africa’s wine exports are certified! Our systems provide traceability and show sustainability. We are the envy of other countries in this field. #sustainable #fairtrade @WOSA_ZA @Vinpro_za @WinetechSA @alanwinde @AdamsAdamslaw @WineLandSA

Kicking off the WineLand Seminaar with our industry leader panel discussion. Welcome every one. @WineLandSA @Vinpro_za @WOSA_ZA @WinetechSA

Connecting at the @WineLandSA Adams & Adams seminar with @Vinpro_za @WOSA_ZA @WinetechSA #connect


It's a beautiful day for the #WineLandSem. Time to #CONNECT @AdamsAdamslaw @BereneD @creationwines @brucejackwines @DaveDuarte @RicoBasson

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