Natasha Botha

Natasha Botha

Natasha Botha

Forensic Accountant


  • Specialisation

    Natasha’s areas of expertise in these sectors include inter alia:

    • Assisting Romlab in the preparation of both the civil and criminal reports in a fraud and tax evasion case;
    • Assisting in categorizing bank statements for cash flow analysis purposes;
    • Assisting in investigations of disputes on quantum and valuations;
    • Internal audit;
    • Compiling and implementation of standard operating procedures and policies;
    • Converting PDF documents to electronic data using the “Omni page” OCR tool;
    • Data Capturing; and
    • Document indexing.

  • Bio

    Natasha has over 3 years’ experience in conducting and assisting in Forensic Investigations on behalf of private and public sector clients having spent this time at Romlab Consultants CC.

  • Academic

  • Qualifications

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