Due to volatility in the Egyptian currency there have been several changes to official fees payable for patent examination in Egypt . The changes in local currency have however had little impact on the real cost making only negligible changes to the US dollar equivalent . Furthermore, in an attempt to encourage Egypt’s young inventors to make use of the patent system the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology  (which is responsible for IP matters in Egypt), has allowed an exemption for students in educational institution from paying the examination fees.

Adams & Adams launched an Associate Office in Egypt in 2016. The office acts as a hub for the North African region servicing not only Egypt but also Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya . As a result of this development we have been able to substantially reduce our fees for IP matters in this region.

For more information on filing patent and design applications in Egypt or any North African jurisdictions , please contact us at

Nthabisheng Phaswana
Partner | Patent Attorney
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