Drafting, filing & prosecution

Drafting, filing & prosecution

Obtaining grant of a patent can be a time-consuming and sometimes expensive process, but litigation can be even more costly. Mistakes must be avoided at all costs then, and Adams & Adams has more collective experience than any other patent law firm in Africa – particularly in dealing with applications and the defence of patents across the globe. The patent team of Adams & Adams can guide you through the maze of patent application facts and potential challenges or objections.

Adams & Adams offers an exhaustive patents search and filing service for both local and foreign applicants and clients who wish to define and commercialise their invention or design in South Africa, Africa and globally.

Our team will assist with:

  • Matters of registrability
  • Technical and legal drafting
  • Local applications and filing
  • Overseas applications
  • Renewals
  • Revocation
  • Voluntary surrender
  • Amendments and corrections
  • Lapsed patents
  • Africa annuities


If you are interested in exploiting your patent rights for commercial benefit, our Patents Practice is best placed to ensure that the licence agreements and other commercialisation mechanisms are well drafted and watertight in protecting your rights and maximising the benefit to you.

Our Designs & Patents Commercialisation team is ready to assist you with the following matters (among others):

  • Sales agreements for designs
  • Licensing and royalty agreements
  • Registered design assignment and transfer


A patent gives you the right to prevent or stop others from making, using, exercising, offering to dispose of, disposing of or importing your patented invention and you may institute proceedings against a person who does any of these things. The Patent Litigation Group at Adams & Adams has an excellent track record in all forms of Patent rights enforcement.

Our team will assist you with any enforcement or litigation matters related to:

  • Patent Infringement Proceedings
  • Patent revocation
  • Patent enforcement

Plant breeders’ rights

South Africa is a member of the UPOV Convention for the Protection of new Varieties of Plants, and the WTO / TRIPS. Protection by way of a plant breeder’s right may be obtained in respect of new varieties of certain ‘kinds of plants’ by filing an application for registration under the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act. Contact us now for details on protectable subject matter, as well as our services pertaining to Plant Breeders’ Rights in South Africa and worldwide.

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