The impact of competition law (also known as antitrust law) on businesses is ever increasing. Adams & Adams has the expertise to guide local and international clients on all aspects relating to this developing area of the law.

In particularly, we are able to assist with the following services:

  • All aspects of compliance, including in-house training
  • Preparing, submitting and moving applications for approval of mergers and acquisitions before the Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal
  • Opposing a merger on behalf of parties who are concerned about the anti-competitive implications of a merger
  • Reviewing agreements in order to advise on the competition law aspects
  • Applying for exemptions in respect of prohibited practices
  • Cartel investigations and settlements
  • Dealing with complaints regarding prohibited practices
  • Instituting and defending complaints to the Competition Commission
  • Interim relief applications
  • Obtaining advisory opinions from the Competition Commission
  • Appeals and reviews to the Competition Appeal Court

Contact one of our competition and anti-trust law professionals

  • Alexis Apostolidis

    Alexis is a leading expert on the interface between competition law and intellectual property in South Africa, having dealt with the competition law aspects of the enforceability of intellectual property rights to the Supreme Court of Appeals in South Africa. He has represented clients both before the South African Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal.

  • Jac Marais

    Jac is a litigation specialist and represents public and private (local and international) clients in high end litigation in the High Court, Appeal Court, and Constitutional Court and specialist tribunals.

  • Thando Manentsa

    Thando is a partner and a commercial litigation specialist in the firm’s dispute resolution team. He obtained his LLB degree from WITS university in 2009 and has 6 years post qualification experience.

  • Misha van Niekerk

    Shani is a senior associate in the Commercial, Property and Litigation law department at Adams & Adams. She frequently appears in the Children’s Courts, Magistrate’s Courts and Regional Courts of South Africa on behalf of clients.

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