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Obtaining grant of a patent can be a time-consuming and sometimes expensive process, but litigation can be even more costly. Mistakes must be avoided at all costs then, and Adams & Adams has more collective experience than any other patent law firm in Africa – particularly in dealing with applications and the defence of patents across the globe. The patent team of Adams & Adams will guide you through the maze of patent application requirements and potential challenges or objections.

Adams & Adams offers an exhaustive patents search and filing service for both local and foreign applicants and clients who wish to define and commercialise their invention or design in South Africa, Africa and globally.

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  • Colin MacKenzie

    Colin MacKenzie’s involvement with intellectual property law spans three decades. Colin qualified as a mechanical engineer in 1982 and worked for a company specialising in the design and manufacture of military equipment.

  • Danie Dohmen

    Danie Dohmen is a partner at Adams & Adams in the patent litigation section. He specialises in patent, design, plant breeder’s rights and intellectual property agreement litigation, commercialisation and opinion work. Danie has for a number of consecutive years been ranked in tier 1 for patent litigation in South Africa.

  • Dario Tanziani

    Dario has 31 years’ post qualification experience and has represented a variety of multinational research based pharmaceutical companies in blockbuster drug patent litigation leading to landmark decisions in this field.

  • Dieter Welthagen

    Dieter is a partner in the Africa Section of the Patent Department, which is responsible for the filing and the prosecution of national patent and design applications in African countries (other than South Africa) and of regional patent and design applications at ARIPO and OAPI, for non-South African clients.

  • James Davies

    James is a patent attorney with an electronic and computer background, and with a genuine interest in these things and all things technological. James works in the patent department, mainly assisting local clients in filing and prosecution patent and design applications in South Africa and indeed all over the world.

  • Janice Galvad

    Janice Galvad is a Partner in and the Chairperson of the Patent Department at Adams & Adams. She has been a Partner at the firm since 2004.

  • Johnny Fiandeiro

    Johnny is a patent partner in the Johannesburg office of Adams & Adams. He has a BSc Eng (Electrical) from Wits University, and an LLB from UNISA.

  • Louis van der Walt

    Louis van der Walt is a partner in, and past Chairman of, the Patent Department of Adams & Adams and advises clients in relation to the preparation and filing of patent applications, registered design applications and plant breeders’ rights.

  • Nicky Garnett

    Nicky Garnett is the Head of the Africa Patents of the Patent Department, a position she has held since 2008. Nicky is originally from Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa in 2008.

  • Nthabisheng Phaswana

    Nthabisheng is a partner in the Africa Patent Department. She holds LLB and LLM (Mercantile Law) from the University of Pretoria. She is an admitted attorney with 11 years post article experience.

  • Philip Pla

    Philip Pla is a partner in the patent department in the firm’s Cape Town office.

  • Pieter Visagie

    Pieter is a registered patent attorney. His practice is focused on the drafting of patent specifications and the prosecution of patent applications both locally and abroad. In this respect, Pieter has had extensive exposure to the prosecution practices of the patent offices of most major foreign jurisdictions, including the United States Patent Office, the European Patent Office, the Chinese Patent Office, the Japanese Patent Office, the Australian Patent Office, etc.

  • Russell Bagnall

    Russell Bagnall has advised clients on several contentious issues involving pharmaceutical disputes between multinational and generic companies. He also advises pharmaceutical clients on a wide range of issues, including licence and distribution agreements, co-promotion agreements and regulatory issues.

  • Vishen Pillay

    Vishen has drafted and prosecuted patent and design applications on behalf of many South African Universities, Science Councils, US Fortune 500, and South African Top 100 companies.

  • Wilhelm Prozesky

    Wilhelm specialises in the management of foreign clients’ patent and design portfolios in South Africa. The majority of Wilhelm’s clients comprise a wide range of overseas-based multi-national enterprises.

  • Wynand Fourie

    Wynand Fourie is a partner in the firm’s patent department and holds an electronic engineering degree from the University of Pretoria together with a law degree.

  • Charleen Rupnarain

    Charleen specialises in Biotechnology and Life Science-related patent matters. She has a solid background in Intellectual Property Management in the public funding sector.

  • Deborah Marsicano

    Ms Marsicano is a patent attorney who specialises in domestic and international patent and design matters.

  • Ramon Pereira

    Ramon specialises in the management of foreign clients’ patent and design portfolios in South Africa within the Patent Overseas Filing Section, with the majority of his clients comprising a wide range of overseas-based multi-national enterprises.

  • Thapelo Montong

    Thapelo is an admitted attorney as well as a registered patent attorney in the Johannesburg office of Adams & Adams. He has a BSc Eng (Metallurgy & Materials Engineering) degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, and a LLB from UNISA.

  • Anri Bezuidenhout

    Anri Bezuidenhout is an Associate in the Patent Department of Adams & Adams. She holds a degree in chemical engineering as well as a law degree. Anri is an admitted attorney of the South African High Court and a qualified patent attorney.

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