Thandi Project

Thandi, ‘beloved’, is an initiative located in rural Shoshanguve. The project’s primary focus is to assist with the well being of the children in the community, many of whom live in abject poverty.

“We cannot build a peaceful world on empty stomachs and human misery.” The words of Dr. Norman Borlaug ring vociferously whenever any of the staff or professionals of Adams & Adams pay a visit to the hub of the Thandi Project at Bana Ba Kgosi school in Soshanguve.

“Passion is central for us in deciding whether we want to become involved in a social project,” says Adams & Adams Chairman, Gérard du Plessis. “True passion is a driver for change and the work that the Reverend Doris Molefe and her staff are doing in Soshanguve is the epitome of passion that creates change. The Sun International CEO Sleepout™ was like déjà vu for us, and that’s why we’ve thrown our weight behind that initiative as well.”

Adams & Adams became involved with the Thandi Project in 2013. Located in rural Soshanguve – the project has as its major focus the well being of the orphaned or vulnerable children in the community by providing nutritious meals.

Reverend Doris Molefe founded the project and has worked tirelessly in order to realise her vision of providing comfort to those in need. She was recently awarded an honorary doctorate in recognition of her efforts in the community.

Reverend Molefe was also responsible for building Bana Ba Kgosi, a care facility for pre-primary school children, created to provide education for a small number of children in need in the immediate community. From humble beginnings, the school is now a hub of the Thandi Project, a feeding scheme that caters for over 700 children – mostly from the adjacent primary and high schools in the area. They are able to visit the centre and receive breakfast and a fortified beverage each lunchtime. For many it is often their only meal of the day.

“Our scheme has played a vital role in the alleviation of malnutrition and has had an encouraging impact on those suffering with HIV, TB and skin problems, explains Bana Ba Kgosi Manager, Ruth Masinga. “Previously unable to take their medication because of a lack of food, youngsters have put on weight and their health has improved.”

Additional parcels containing these nutritionally enhanced foods are also provided the children during the school holidays and delivered to orphans, child-headed households and families in need.