Burundi | Reminder – TM Renewals Deadline – 29 July 2019

Proprietors of trade marks in Burundi should take note of an upcoming trade mark renewal deadline which may be relevant to their marks in this country.

Law No. 1/13 Relating to Industrial Property in Burundi, which came into operation on 28 July 2009, currently deals with the registration and enforcement of trade marks in this country. Trade marks that were filed in terms of the previous trade mark legislation, i.e. trade marks with a filing date of 27 July 2009 or older, must be renewed on or before 28 July 2019 (i.e. 10 years after the implementation date of the current law), in order to ensure that those marks remain valid and enforceable.

In terms of the current law, a trade mark registration shall have effect for a period of 10 years, calculated from the filing date of the relevant mark. As such, trade marks filed on or after 28 July 2009 may, at the option of the trade mark holder, be renewed on the tenth anniversary of the filing date, and consecutive ten-year intervals thereafter.


Jeanette Visagie | Senior Associate

Debbie Marriott
Partner | Trade mark Attorney
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