Civil unrest in the run-up to national elections scheduled for 10 December 2018 has led the Libyan Government to declare a State of Emergency. This has led to many government institutions being temporarily affected, including the Libyan Trademarks Office. All current deadlines have been postponed, until further notice, as the Trademarks Office is not fully operational, and its staff members are not fully present.

There is uncertainty as to when the state of emergency will be lifted and the functions of the Trademarks Office, in particular, will resume. We are closely monitoring the state-of-affairs and are meeting with our North African associates, who will hopefully provide some further clarity, at the annual Adams & Adams Africa Network meeting which will be held at our offices on 13 September 2018 and 14 September 2018. We will update our website with any further developments, as and when they occur.

For additional queries regarding intellectual property rights protection in North African jurisdictions, e-mail AfricaIP@adams.africa

Notice issued by Trade Marks Dept. Adams & Adams

Maureen Makoko | Associate
Chiraag Maharaj  | Candidate Attorney

Jani Cronjé
Partner | Trade Mark Attorney
Maureen Makoko
Associate | Trade mark Attorney
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