1. Definitions
Unless the context dictates otherwise, the words and expressions set forth below shall bear the following meanings and equivalent expressions shall bear corresponding meanings:
1.1. “Closing Date” shall mean 23h59 on 31 May 2019.
1.2. “Competition” means the promotional competition in terms of which the Prize can be won starting on 1 March 2019 and ending on the Closing Date.
1.3. “Participant” means a qualifying person who enters the Competition.
1.4. “Prize” means one AltLaw branded Revival 150cc GoMoto Big Boy Scooter, a branded AltLaw helmet and AltLaw jacket.
1.5. “Promoter” means Adams & Adams, a partnership of attorneys.

2. Application of Terms and Conditions
By choosing to enter the Competition, the Participant agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions, which the Participant acknowledges to have read and understood.

3. Entry Requirements
3.1. Participation in the Competition opens on 1 March 2019 and closes on the Closing Date.
3.2. To enter the Competition, a person must be:
3.2.1. 18 years or older and a legal resident in the Republic of South Africa; and
3.2.2. legally enrolled at a university declared or established as such in terms of the Higher Education Act, 1997, to study one of the following degrees: BA Law, BCom Law or LLB.
3.3. In order to participate in the Competition, persons must log onto and complete the online Competition entry form and submit same by pressing the ENTER key. Entries received through any other medium or manner shall not be considered.
3.4. Only one entry shall be allowed per Participant.
3.5. Any Participant’s entry that does not comply with these terms and conditions will not be considered and may be disqualified.
3.6. Entries reflected on the Promoter’s records will be treated as the only validation source and will be the only evidence of successful entries.
3.7. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify a Participant from the Competition if such Participant is found to have tampered or interfered with the operation of the Competition, acts in an unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner or breaches any of these terms and conditions.
3.8. The Promoter will not be responsible for any late, incomplete or fraudulent entries and will not be liable if an entry is not received by it for whatever reason, including (without limitation) due to failure of communications networks or technical difficulties.

4. Award Terms
4.1. The winner of the Competition will be chosen in an audited, random draw.
4.2. The winner may be required to verify their identity and university student registration in order to claim the prize and may be required to provide supporting documentation in order for the Prize to be awarded. The respective university may also be contacted to verify the Prize winner’s eligibility. The Prize winner may forfeit the prize if they are found to be ineligible in terms of this clause 4.2.
4.3. The Competition draw will take place not later than 30 days after the Closing Date. The winner will be notified by telephone and/or email within 14 days after the draw taking place and the name of the winner will be published on the Promoter’s social media page/s.
4.4. The winner may be requested (at no fee) to be identified and photographed, and for their name and image to be published. The winner may grant permission for the use of their name and image in any advertising and promotional material relating to this Competition.
4.5. In the event that a Prize winner cannot be successfully contacted within 14 days of the draw or is unable, for any reason whatsoever, to accept the Prize, a replacement winner may be randomly drawn from the remaining qualifying participants in the draw in accordance with same process and procedures as applicable to the original draw.

5. Prize Terms
5.1. The Prize will be delivered to the winner’s nominated address within a period of 21 days after the draw has taken place.
5.2. The Prize is subject to availability. The Promoter and/or its agents cannot be held liable for unavailability of products part of the Prize. The products forming part of the Prize may differ from those advertised. The Promoter will have the sole and absolute right to determine the selection of prizes.
5.3. The Promoter is not responsible for any damages to the Prize after signature of receipt by the winner.
5.4. Failure to comply with the Prize Terms will result in disqualification of the winner whereby another winner will be chosen.
5.5. The Prize is not transferrable and cannot be deferred, changed, substituted or exchanged for cash.
5.6. It is the Prize winner’s responsibility to obtain any licences, insurance and registrations, and make all payments and fees in respect of the Prize, following acceptance of the Prize. The Prize winner shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred in relation to the use and operation of the Prize.
5.7. The Prize winner shall be responsible for ensuring that it or any registered driver of the scooter forming part of the Prize, holds a valid licence in respect of same.

6. Warranties and Indemnities
6.1. The Promoter and its partners, employees, contractors, agents, consultants and associates (“Indemnified Parties”) shall not be liable for any injury, death, loss, damage, cost or expense suffered or incurred by any Participant as a result of participating in the Competition or the acceptance or use of the Prize (including, as a result of any act or omission, whether negligent, grossly negligent or otherwise on the part of the Indemnified Parties). The Participant hereby indemnifies and holds the Indemnified Parties harmless against any claim, liability, cost, expense or penalty suffered or incurred as a result of participating in the Competition or the acceptance or use of the Prize.
6.2. All products given as part of the Prizes are subject to all applicable warranties, guarantees and instructions of use accompanying such products. The Promoter gives no warranties or representations in respect of the Prize and will have no responsibility relating to the quality, durability, usefulness or any other aspects of the Prize.
6.3. The Promoter reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Participant found to be abusing or tempering with the operation of the Competition or entering using fraudulent means, or who the Promoter believes to have acted in breach of these terms and conditions .

7. Force Majeure
In the event of any act of God, strike, war, warlike operation, rebellion, riot, civil commotion, lockout, combination of workmen, interference of trade unions, suspension of labour, fire, accident, or (without regard to the foregoing enumeration) of any circumstances arising or action taken beyond or outside the reasonable control of the Promoter preventing it from the performance of any obligation to a Participant (any such event hereinafter called “Force Majeure”) then the Promoter shall be relieved of all such obligations to the Participant during the period that such Force Majeure continues and shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any obligations or loss or damage which the Participant may suffer due to or resulting from the Force Majeure.

8. General
8.1. The Promoter may in its sole and absolute discretion amend these terms and conditions at any time, by publishing the revised terms and conditions on its website or by any other potential official competition communication methods reasonably calculated to reach a majority of potential participants.
8.2. The Competition is not open to:
8.2.1. any partner, employee (permanent or fixed-term), consultant to, or anyone associated with or affiliated to the Promoter including any spouse, life partner, parent, child or sibling of such aforementioned persons; or
8.2.2. a supplier of goods or services in connection with the Competition.
8.3. The laws of the Republic of South Africa shall govern this competition.
8.4. Participants in the competition understand and agree that in order to offer and conduct the Competition, the Promoter shall collect and use personal information about Participants. The information may be used to communicate information regarding the Promoter’s Graduate Recruitment Programme on an ongoing basis. The Participants have a right to unsubscribe from future communications.
8.5. In the event of a dispute regarding any aspect of the Competition and/or these terms and conditions, the Promoter’s decision will be binding and final and no correspondence will be entered into.
8.6. In the event of a dispute regarding a winner chosen in accordance with 4.1 above, the decision of the person auditing the draw shall be final and binding and no other correspondence will be entered into.
8.7. If for any reason any aspect of this Competition is not capable of running as planned, including by reason of computer or network failure, bugs, tampering, manipulation, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other cause which corrupts or affects the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Competition, the Promoter may in its sole discretion cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Competition, or invalidate any affected entries.
8.8. The Promoter reserves the right to change, cancel, suspend or terminate the Competition at any time and without notice to the Participants.
8.9. All enquiries regarding the Competition should be sent to the Promoter via email to at Adams & Adams Attorneys, Lynnwood Bridge, 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria.