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Tunisia is a member of the Paris Convention, the Madrid Agreement on Indications of Source, the Nice Agreement, the Lisbon Agreement, the Vienna Agreement, and the WTO/TRIPS.

Provision is made for the registration of trade marks for goods and services, for collective marks and for well-known marks. Applications may be filed as national applications, in appropriate circumstances claiming priority in terms of the Paris Convention.


Tunisia is a member of the Paris Convention, the Budapest Treaty, the PCT and the WTO/TRIPS.

Patent protection is available via a national filing, in appropriate circumstances with a claim to priority, or by way of a national phase application based on an international PCT application in which Tunisia is designated.


Tunisia is a member of the Paris Convention, the Hague Agreement, and the WTO/TRIPS.

Design protection is available by a national filing or by way of an international filing via the Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs, designating Tunisia.


Tunisia is a member of the Berne Convention and the WTO/TRIPS.

The Law provides for the following works to be eligible for copyright:

  • written or printed works such as books, pamphlets and other writings
  • works created for the theatre or for broadcasting (sound or visual), whether dramatic, dramatico-musical, choreographic or dumbshow
  • musical compositions, with or without words
  • photographic works, and works expressed by a process analogous to photography
  • cinematographic works, and works expressed by a process producing visual effects analogous to cinematography
  • works executed by painting, drawing, lithography, etching or woodcutting and other similar works
  • sculpture of all kinds
  • works of architecture, comprising also designs, models and the mode of construction
  • tapestries and articles of artistic handwork, including also the drawings or models
  • maps, and drawings and graphics and three-dimensional reproductions of a scientific or artistic nature
  • lectures
  • works inspired by folklore
  • computer software
  • translations and arrangements or adaptations of the above works.

Copyright shall also apply to derivative marks.

Plant Breeders' Rights

Tunisia is a member of the UPOV Convention.

Plant breeders’ rights can be obtained in Tunisia in terms of legislation of the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture.

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